For Teachers

We place our teachers in the best school for them and provide support to our teachers as well as our schools to ensure success from day one to day one hundred and beyond!

Step 1: Participate in a Hiring Event or Submit Your Resume

Participate in one of our hiring events or submit your resume and other documents. If an event is not coming up soon, or if you are unable to attend, feel free to contact us–we may be able to set up an interview online. Feel free to contact us at any time with any questions you may have, and sign up for our newsletter for updates!

Step 2: Visa Help

One of the perks of working with a school hiring with us is that we help both the school and the hired teacher with the visa application process. We will help you get all necessary documents and forward them to the hiring school. Please note, however, that sponsorship and final submission to immigration is the responsibility of the hiring school.

Step 3: Teacher Training

Some schools will decide to have us do training either in person, online, or in some cases on site. Training before starting work helps make sure you are ready for the classroom and ready to live in another country. Talk to your school about training with us!

Step 4: On-site Help

In some cases we may make periodic trips to your school to observe lessons and give tips for improving your lessons. Ask your school about on-site options with us!

Step 5: Ongoing Communication

Our ongoing service option offers not only schools, but its heachers to reach out to us for help such as general question and answer. If you are hired, talk to us or your school about the ongoing communication option!

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