For Schools

We specialize in finding university-trained English teachers to provide you with the highest quality of language education your students expect.

Step 1: Make a Plan・プランニング&ご提案

Meet with a recruiter in person or online to discuss your teacher needs. Discuss the timeline and desired start date, job qualifications, contract terms for the teacher, and options for curriculum development and teacher training.


Step 2: Career Fair・求人イベントと面接

Once terms have been discussed and the initial payment has been completed, our team will get right to work planning hiring events at career fairs and community events. Interviews will begin as soon as possible after the appropriate planning has been done. Once satisfactory candidates have been found, we will present you with your options. You are free to make a hiring decision when you are ready.


Step 3: Visa Help・ビザ準備のお手伝い

Our team will also facilitate the work visa application process by getting necessary documents from the hired teacher(s) and forwarding them to the hiring school. Please note, however, that sponsorship and final submission to immigration is the responsibility of the hiring school.


Step 4: Teacher Training・トレーニング研修

Our service also offers curriculum creation for your school and classes as well as train teachers on that curriculum or one of your own! The training option can help make sure your teachers are ready to provide your students with the quality of education expected from your school. Ask us about training options for in-person, on-site, and on-line training!


Step 5: On-site Help・現地サポート

If desired, a member of our team can make periodic trips to your school to ensure teachers are maintaining the quality of teaching you expect. Ask us about on-site options.


Step 6: Speedy On-site Help・緊急時もサポートします!

If you find your school is suddenly in need of help, training, meetings, event planning, curriculum development, and so on contact us as we have options to help you.


Step 7: Ongoing Communication・持続的な連絡体制

With our ongoing service option, you also get ongoing communication regarding employee performance, general question and answer as well as assistant with additional hires.


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